Great Landscaping Company In Kenner Louisiana



Spring landscape projects are upon us

With the cold weather leaving and the warm rain coming in on the wind, we are getting everything ready outside to have a great summer time. For your landscaping in Kenner Louisiana get an early start and get with a great company with a flawless track record. With more than fifteen years in the landscaping installation and design industry in Kenner, we are your go to company to get your landscape set up and or maintained correctly.

With the best design ideas and the most modern supplies available we can design and build your garden bed from start to finish. With everything available from sprinklers to landscape lights and colored recycled rubber garden trim. We can make sure your garden bed is ready for the summer with the best landscape company in Kenner Louisiana, DLC-Service.

Even dog lovers are getting ready for their outside time in the summer. At DLC-Service we can get your yard into shape with yard leveling and new sod of your choice. Nothing beats our product and pricing. Call or go online today to get your yard ready ASAP. Dogs love new grass and homeowners love dogs not tracking mud in their home all year long.