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Dave's Lawn Care & Services


Dave's Lawn Care & Services has cut grass in Louisiana for over 10 years. We specialize in grass cutting, lawn mowing & yard maintenance. This includes mowing, cutting, edging, leaf blowing, and debris pickup. We also trim hedges in front or back yards, gardens or any areas upon request. Yard maintenance debris removal & trash hauling are services we provide as well. We maintain landscaping and gardening in your lawn, home, business or company.

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We offer our grass mowing and lawn care services in Kenner, Metairie, Harahan and the surrounding areas. We are a lawn care company based in Kenner, Louisiana. We have spent over 10 years maintaining yards and lawns in several nearby cities and are committed to growing and expanding our services across Louisiana so give us a call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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Lawn Care Services

Lawn Mowing

When you think of lawn care, the first thing you start to think of is mowing the lawn. Cutting your grass and keeping your lawn low has many advantages other than looking good. Tall or overgrown grass can attract large animals like rats, raccoons and snakes. Keeping your yard short removes the tall grass for these animals to live in. This makes your yard safer for anyone traveling through your grass. Having too much grass can hide branches or sticks making your yard dangerous the next time you plan on cutting or mowing the lawn.

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Clearing your sidewalks of overgrown grass gives pedestrians like bike riders, skaters and dog walkers, a path around your property safely without harm to them or your yard. A proper edge on your grass allows water to flow freely around your yard or concrete and prevents flooding where debris can build up. Long weeds form in as little as 2 months and often grown in over a foot in length. These weeds are strong enough to cause people to trip and fall and are known to damage your equipment if left unattended for long periods of time.

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Leaf Blowing

Leaves fall, it is a part of nature we see every year. Leaf build up can prevent the sunlight from reaching your lawn, yard or garden which in turn also makes it harder for water to evaporate. Moisture stored in these leaves can turn into mold or cause a fungus to spread and also create a breeding ground for mosquitos and snakes. Aside from trees, plants drop leaves which build up near the bases of other plants. These leaves can spread diseases to other plants and destroy a garden in under a year if left without proper maintenance.

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Debris Removal

Maintaining a clean and clear property has many benifits. Bugs and animals live and shelter in cluttered debris, like snakes, rats, raccoons and mosquitos. Removing large debris or unnecessary objects remove shelter for these stray animials. Storms are well known to throw trash and loose clutter around if not disposed of properly. City code enforcement can be strict on keeping properties clear for pedestrians and motorized vehicles. Keeping trash bagged over being placed in a can ensures less debris drop during routine pickup.

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Landscaping Services

Hedge Trimming

Maintaining & controling shrubs and hedges can help prevent injury from rogue branchs blending in with other leaves. By removing loose debris from trees and bushes, you can save lawn equipment from deadly damaging sticks and branches. Trimming hedges, bushes and shrubs can help other parts of your garden, lawn or grass receive the required sunlight it depends on. Bushes and hedges make your yard unique.

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Garden Edging

Adding a guard or edge to your garden can prevent mulch from escaping during strong winds or flooding from storms and edging can also keep debris from entering your yard. Guards can be added around your garden or lawn to prevent small animals from nesting or turning your garden into a home. New garden edge created from recycled shredded tires is durable and resists color fading 3 time longer then wood mulch.

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With high temperatures in the summer seasons, having mulch in your garden helps your soil hold moisture. This prevents your plants from drying out and dying. In cooler temperatures, having mulch in your garden and around your plants help to protect your plants root system. Properly placed mulch can also prevent your plants, like hedges and shrubs, from uprooting and destroying the rest of your lawn, yard or garden beds.

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Weed Removal

Weeds compete with other plants in your garden for more than just growing space. Weeds feed on the nutrients and water in your garden, yard, lawn or grass. Weeds turn usable space into unwanted burdens and eventually overrun your plants. Over grown weeds steal light from your other plants and if left unattended can render parts of your garden unusable. Large weeds create homes for animals like snakes and rats.

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Lawn Care in Kenner & Metairie
Lawn Care in Kenner & Metairie